Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic Electric Guitar

Well. Another great news from Martin & Co: Martin Dreadnought Junior acoustic-electric guitar

This is certainly a revenge.
A few years ago Taylor had stepped out with their new guitar: Taylor GS Mini.
What was new? Taylor GS Mini is definitely a travel guitar (and I have to say an awesome one!).
But what made it different from all sorts of the Baby Taylors and Little Martins is the sound.
If you tried the Baby Taylor any time, you know what I’m talking about.
It is fun to have it with you on a trip, but it still sounds a bit like a toy and not a real guitar.
GS Mini has a rich and very recognizable Taylor voice while being a travel guitar at the same time.
To me it was like a revolution.
And GS Mini was “one of a kind” for a long time.
Until now.

So, Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic Electric guitar is a response to GS Mini.
It’s slightly more expensive. But for a very good reason: It’s ALL WOOD!
Sitka spruce top plus Sapele sides and back.
GS Mini has the sides and back laminated.
This way Martin D-Jr looks much better in terms of long time investments.
Of course, if you treat and preserve it well.
Plus all Martin D-Jr guitars are equipped with the Fishman pickup with the controls inside the sound hole.

Anyway, Martin had made an outstanding instrument. Don’t just trust my words. Check out what Tony Polecastro thinks about the Martin Dreadnought Junior Acoustic Electric guitar

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