Michael Kelly Sojourn 6 Travel Guitar

Michael Kelly Sojourn 6 Travel Guitar


A compact guitar with a short scale and B-Band electronics.
New Michael Kelly Sojourn 6 Travel Guitar is a 22.8″ scale acoustic that has a terrific acoustic sound and due to its B-Band electronics has a great amplified tone as well. It has a very big sound for being such a small instrument. But that’s not all. The Sojourn 6 is designed to be tuned to standard pitch so you can practice anywhere without the need to transpose your music. The solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides make this the ultimate instrument for the travelling guitarist.

Dovetail construction
Mahogany back & sides
Solid Englemann Spruce top
Mahogany neck
Rosewood fingerboard
12″ radius
22.8″ scale
Michael Kelly Rosewood bridge
Die-cast tuners

Personal note

I could not find too much about this guitar.
Maybe it’s a bit too new?
Even the video from above is low in quality and there is no demo.
I wish I could hear how it sounds!
And it seems they don’t sell it here in Canada.
Anyways if anyone has any experience with this guitar or any links to usefull info, please share.
Your input is highly appreciated!

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