Stella or Weiss?

Stella or Weiss G-100 guitar? Unknown Guitar.

Stella Harmony or Weiss G-100

It’s a real puzzle.
I’ve made an ad on the CraigsList that I’m looking for an old and cheap Stella H929.
And finaly I’ve got this:

I’ve purchased it under an impression it is Harmony Stella H929 because it looks like it.
Well, I was wrong!
It’s another long and sentimental story why I did it and why I didn’t check everything.
So, I started to search what it can be. Still looking. 🙂
The closest is some Weiss G-100.
And while it’s not strictly travel guitar it’s still a small parlor shape instrument.
Very light. And it feels comfortable in my hands.

Here is a small and very sloppy video sample just to give you an idea how it sounds originally.
Before I removed the original dirty and rusty strings and started to fix the problems:

The owner claims that this guitar is over 40 years old and that his brother bought it already used.
I believe it is.
The only ink stamp inside the body reads “4011 6”.
Can it be the November 1940? Or is it just a serial number?
No idea.
Maybe somebody can identify it?

Weiss g-100 or Harmony Stella

As for the problems there are few of them.
1. One line of tuners (black ones) replacing the original is not for the right side:

2. The neck is seriously bowed. So I will need to remove the fretboard to fix it.
I have no clear idea what “Steel Reinforced Neck” looks like inside.
What’s for sure it’s not am adjustable truss rod. 🙂
3. Broken wooden nut. It still works OK but looks not too reliable.
I probably have to replace it with the plastic one.
No bones! Remember, it’s an old extra cheap beaten guitar from another century.

But the fixing this wreck will make another story on the dedicated website: