Why Travel Guitar?

Reason #1 (common):  “Which guitar as a travel guitar should I take with me while I travel?”
Every guitar player faces this question sooner or later. Nobody wants to take the risk of taking his/her most valuable instrument if expected to play by the campfire.
Even if you have enough room in a trunk or back seat you will be always worried about heat or cold which may damage your best instrument.
I don’t even want to discuss the possibility of stealing while the chances are quite high.
And, of course, there’s even more hassle when you travel by air.
You have to have a strong hard case for travel.
And you will be nervous during the whole flight until you get it back with the luggage.

Reason #2 (personal): “Small but like a real thing”.
I actually not sure that it is very personal.
But as long as I can remember I was always amazed by the things which being extra small but still functional.
When I was a little kid I had a small size travelling iron as a toy.
It was missing a cord so it could not be used anymore safe.
But the rest was really good and shiny!
I guess now that my dad didn’t want to fix it just because I liked to play with it so much.

But back to travel guitars.
For the reason that I just mentioned or for any other reason I like small-size guitars.
Maybe because they are more handy, I don’t know.
So for these two reasons, I decided to dedicate a website to the world of travel guitars.
Currently, I own a couple of them.

It’s Romanian Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar
Escape MK-II Nylon guitar.
Please feel free to follow the links for more details.
But I truly believe it’s just the start of the big journey.
Now I’m dreaming about Taylor GS Mini.
UPDATE: I’ve got it! And it’s awesome!

And now I’m dreaming about guess what? Right, it’s a rival:
Martin Dreadnought Junior.







UPDATE: I’ve got it!